De Mondige Minima Geldrop-Mierlo
Een initiatief om armoede en sociale uitsluiting in onze gemeente te voorkomen. Gemaakt voor wie het betreft en iedereen die hen een warm hart toedraagt !
About us - For our English-speaking friends

Some of you might have stumbled upon this site because the last 3 letters of the name spell “MGM”. I did not do that on purpose and to those of you who were searching for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer I sincerely apologise. This “MGM” stands for Minima in my hometown Geldrop-Mierlo.

Our website is in Dutch. Our acquaintances and friends who do not master this most import language have asked numerous times what it is about. With this page we aim to explain, so that we can direct them to it.

The world would be so much nicer when we stop to be proud when we can handle the principle of "give and take". Giving and taking is investing for your own individual needs. We need leaders that fully understand that the general interest is own interest. So "give and give" and be pleased that you are capable to do so. If you don't succeed to practise that in your own environment, your words about solving the world's problems are empty. With our website we aim at the micro cosmos around us. The site is filled with tips, links and ideas on how to improve the way we live with each other. It is not a fancy website and we are not website-specialists. Although offered we refuse commercial links to retain our independency.

Everybody has the duty and the right to participate in our society. Social exclusion divides our community and harms, in the long run, everybody.  We all share the need to walk the path from cradle to grave, and far beyond, being loved, appreciated and safe in an environment that we understand. We support the weak(er), so basically everyone at some moment in time. Nobody is perfect, so we all have our shortcomings. Some physically, some in their wallet, most of us mentally or a combination of those three. Ourselves not excluded !!

As member of several advisory boards, but also on a personal basis, based on experiences whilst helping others, we have the right to be heard.  If we find that a procedure and/or way of execution is wrong we try to change that. Mostly through informal contacts with friendly civil servants.

During the last couple of years a lot has changed in the attitude and way of work of our local government in Geldrop-Mierlo. Some "less social" people were made redundant, procedures were simplified, letters and brochures became easier to understand and accept, et cetera. This liberated a lot of benevolent civil servants, made their work a lot nicer and made it easier for them to threat dependent people in a better way.

The compliments we get from low to high and from right to left convince us that we are, for a few percentages, part of this positive change of direction.

As member of the workgroup "Poverty and Politics", one of the three workgroups of a provincial organisation, we participated in and lead several meetings with politicians, some even from our national government, and advisory groups.

Since Januari 2010 most of the activities of Geldrop-Mierlo's social service were combined with the social services of other villages. Lead by the municipality of Helmond this has several advantages. Combined forces and area's creates better chances for people to get in contact with future employers and it relieves each municipality of extra overhead. During 2010 we found out that there was also a downside. The progress we made in Geldrop-Mierlo has not yet taken place in Helmond and sometimes welfare recipients feel as if they have been thrown back into the "Middle ages". Most civil servants that moved from our municipality to Helmond, have problems with their "new" work-environment. Some abuse the flaws in the system and use it to get rid of their frustrations at the cost of those that are dependent of them.

And again we stand at the bottom of a new hill to climb. But, whatever we help to achieve will be beneficial to all civil servants, and those they serve, from all participating municipalities.

We hope the above gave you a glimpse into our way of participating and our tries to make our small part of the world a better place to live.